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Althea Alexis


Chief Marketing & Communicat Officer

Building trust through

Althea Alexis Johnson studied fashion design and merchandising for two years in 1998 before graduating with an honours degree in graphic design in 2005.

She has worked as a creative director for 18 years and is also active in interior and structural design worldwide. Much of her creative work comes from oil and gas, real estate, restaurants and hotels in the US.

Althea Alexis Johnson also has extensive experience in marketing, press and communication while her background in architecture, design and merchandising also comes through in fashion, editorial and metaverse.

Her proven experience in marketing and communications led to her appointment as CMCO of NEREIDES DE BOURBON GROUP and its entities, which include L'ÉPOQUE Paris magazine, founded in Paris 1845 and relaunched in 2003 by His Royal Highness Prince Nereides Antonio Giamundo de Bourbon.

Althea Alexis Johnson is also an active campaigner for women's rights and is an ambassador for NEREIDES CLUB - INTERNATIONAL CULTURAL DIPLOMACY CORPORATION and NEREIDES DE BOURBON FOUNDATION.

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