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NEREIDES amazes during Haute Couture Week in Paris

02.02.2021by L'Officiel UK. NEREIDES amazes during Haute Couture week in Paris with the launch of a prestigious anti-aging skincare collection "Diamond Elixir Haute-Rejuvenation" imbued with the eternity of diamonds. Parisian haute couture house NEREIDES, founded by Prince Nereides Antonio Giamundo de Bourbon at Place Vendôme since 2007, presents its extremely sophisticated skin care collection during Haute Couture Week. The essence of the NEREIDES Diamond Elixir Haute-Rejuvenation collection is the result of the alchemical fusion of values and codes typically of luxury know-how with the most sophisticated Swiss cosmetic science

Prince Nereides Antonio Giamundo de Bourbon

© Photo by Lello Ammirati

In their anti-aging research, NEREIDES scientists have developed an exclusive science called Haute-Rejuvenation. Infused with this concentrate of youth, the Diamond Elixir collection crystallizes the cycle of life with the power of diamonds in a unique moment of beauty, like a precious moment for yourself. Inspired by the preciousness of diamonds, the pure and brilliant tones of a selection of bottles from the Diamond Elixir collection pay homage to the magic of this moment.

The philosophy of the Haute-Rejuvenation skincare line is inspired by haute couture which is characterized by rare artisanal know-how and an exclusive encounter with the extraordinary. The Diamond Elixir collection embodies the values and traditions specific to NEREIDES: authenticity, creativity and innovation, excellence, sustainability and ethics: "I have sublimated the excellence of haute couture in a line of supreme beauty. Haute couture elevates craftsmanship to the highest and finest art. It is a magical constellation of exceptional craftsmanship, daring creativity, precious materials and excellence in every detail. Inspired by my personal experience in high couture, I wanted to create a highly rejuvenating skin care ritual. I merged the preciousness of diamonds with two revolutionary cosmetic active ingredients in absolute respect for traditional values of luxury combining biotechnology and opulence " , declared the Prince Nereides Antonio Giamundo de Bourbon, CEO of NEREIDES.

© Photo by Lello Ammirati

In creating the Diamond Elixir Haute-Rejuvenation collection , NEREIDES offers a supreme luxury experience just like the haute couture creations of his house of which he applies the same principles, from the meticulous selection of precious ingredients to the expert formulation of his products. through the sublime diamond design of its bottles.

The NEREIDES Diamond Elixir Haute-Rejuvenation collection , manufactured by its premium Swiss laboratories, offers an unrivaled experience inspired by the eternal beauty of diamonds and new Swiss technology. Its high rejuvenation action, which begins at the heart of the skin cell, increases the resilience of the skin at all levels of the time while providing a 3D Y-Reshaping effect for firmer skin and a flawless and luminous complexion.

The moisturizer formulated by NEREIDES contains real diamond particles - MVP Diamond Sirt (Most Valuable Peptide) - combined with two revolutionary biomimetic cosmetic active ingredients, MOSSCELLTEC ™ N.1 and AGEFINITY ™, improving the Y zone - face and neck - using natural ingredients and pioneering biotechnology to boost and redefine skin aging.

Model Lilly Mandel - © Photo by Lello Ammirati

Considered the rarest and most desired gemstone, the diamond not only looks spectacular when engraved into jewelry, but it also offers extraordinary benefits for improving skin health. Diamond is the ultimate choice to express taste, elegance, and grace. Scientists at NEREIDES, however, have discovered that her beauty goes far beyond her inspirational appearance. Powerful enhancer of rejuvenating peptides, it lies at the heart of every Diamond Elixir product, selected as a raw gem to be transformed in the hands of expert craftsmen. MVP Diamond Sirt (Most Valuable Peptide) is a technological concept developed by NEREIDES which encompasses a range of products in which noble metals or precious stones are conjugated with biomimetic peptides, improving their stability and bioavailability and offering many advantages. . In its MVP Diamond Sirt, NEREIDES uses diamonds as a protective shield that helps anti-aging peptides fight the effects of premature aging caused by oxidation and UV exposure.

In its true nature, diamond is the solid crystalline form of carbon which is widely used in major industrial applications such as glass cutting and polishing tools. Due to its abrasive skills, diamond is a powerful exfoliator and brightener with extraordinary ability to brighten the skin.

© Photo by Lello Ammirati

The effectiveness of NEREIDES High-Rejuvenation Diamond Elixir with miraculous anti-aging ingredients is mainly due to the nanocrystalline colloid particles contained in the diamond powder which has an exceptionally high absorption rate and as soon as it is infused with active anti-aging ingredients such as MOSSCELLTEC ™ N.1 and AGEFINITY ™, it can penetrate deep into skin cells and effectively reduce various signs of aging, improve skin texture and make skin look brighter .

The NEREIDES Diamond Elixir Haute-Rejuvenation care line infused with diamonds has many advantages: it improves the complexion, exfoliates dead skin cells, prevents premature aging of the skin caused by oxidation and UV exposure, moisturizes the skin, washes out toxins and protects the skin from pollution, improves skin luminosity and it is a protector of DNA and cells while giving a more youthful appearance.

© Photographie par Lello Ammirati

© Photo By Lello Ammirati

The MVP Diamond Sirt offers the essential first step of the Diamond Elixir Haute-Rejuvenation skin care ritual with two powerful actives: MOSSCELLTEC ™ N.1 and AGEFINITY ™. Biotechnologically produced in Switzerland from the cells of the Physcomitrella Patens foam, while ensuring durability and environmental protection, the active MOSSCELLTEC ™ N.1 improves the function of the cell nucleus for resilient skin, fortifying and l 'beautifying. Moss is one of the first land plants to conquer the earth 470 million years ago due to its very high resilience to a changing environment and its ability to hold water. The active MOSSCELLTEC ™ N.1 optimizes the communication inside the cell by maintaining an efficient transport of molecules between the nucleus and the cytoplasm, and by strengthening the structure of the nuclear envelope, essential to the functioning of the cell. NEREIDES Diamond Elixir care products made with MOSSCELLTEC ™ N.1 are anti-wrinkle, improve skin hydration, refine the skin and create a flawless complexion, improve the quality of the 'barrier' function despite variations in temperature and humidity. The third active, AGEFINITY ™, is a source of energy for older cells, anti-wrinkle, a collagen organizer, a skin lift, and it reshapes the shape of the face and neck. A mannose-6 phosphate complex using a plant source and green chemistry ensuring sustainability and environmental protection, AGEFINITY ™ is a powerful youth activator that energizes and reshapes skin cells. Regular use of AGEFINITY ™ helps to restructure the skin matrix by acting on the reorganization of collagen fibers on mature skin. NEREIDES Diamond Elixir products made with the active AGEFINITY ™ are not only an activator but also a shape enhancer, including the neck area, and significantly reduce the number of visible age spots, the volume of wrinkles and their depth . NEREIDES always selects effective and innovative active ingredients that have been clinically tested and awarded by the sector. According to our perception, time expands or contracts. Sometimes it even freezes. Someone has said of him that he is an illusion. And yet, its signs are very real, visible to the naked eye, and even on the skin. So we start to imagine being able to press the pause button and, why not, go back. Rejuvenate: a dream come true for NEREIDES which continues its pioneering research in the fight against aging. By imagining its Diamond Elixir collection based on the new science of Haute-Rejuvenation, the NEREIDES house continues to defy the laws of time. She suspends it. The NEREIDES Diamond Elixir treatment collection, created for very demanding clients and available in limited edition, has already reached the pinnacle of excellence in the Olympus of luxury experience and stands on the podium of exclusive beauty brands. and high rejuvenation.

The NEREIDES Diamond Elixir care collection has 7 products:

Haute-Rejuvenation Fine Emulsion: made of a refined complex, this exclusive fine cream visibly revitalizes the skin, strengthens it and makes it firmer. Fine lines and wrinkles appear diminished for younger, smoother, brighter, more radiant and toned skin. A silky texture suitable for normal skin.

Haute-Rejuvenation Supreme Emulsion: made from an exclusive complex, this sumptuous, rich cream visibly revitalizes the firmness and smoothness of the skin. Fine lines and wrinkles appear diminished for younger, smoother, brighter, more radiant and toned skin. A rich texture suitable for dry skin leaving the skin nourished and smooth.

Haute- Rejuvenation Eyes Elixir: A luxurious treatment that blends into the delicate skin around the eyes to combat fine lines and wrinkles, dark circles and bags under the eyes. It relaxes, calms, hydrates and strengthens the skin's moisture barrier against common irritants.

Haute-Rejuvenation Memory Mask: an extra-firming, shape-memory texture, delicious gray color that sparkles like a diamond for a wonderful feeling of luxurious retreat. It helps visibly smooth the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles from stress, restore firmness and revive your skin's glow for younger looking skin.

Haute-Rejuvenation Serum: an intelligent elixir formulated with an anti-aging complex designed to offer a complete and advanced anti-aging, firming and brightening treatment. This rejuvenating formula smoothes skin texture and helps plump skin so expression lines are visibly reduced.

Haute-Rejuvenation Lotion: an innovative fresh and illuminating essence that helps reduce fine lines and promotes radiance thanks to the power of micro oil droplets. Enriched with diamond extract, this pre-serum increases the appearance of luminosity, reduces fine lines and softens the appearance of skin texture.

Haute-Rejuvenation Elixir: these ultra-hydrating pearls penetrate the skin, releasing their precious nectar. The results are immediate, the face is firmly reshaped and it shines with renewed youth.

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Model: Lilly Mandel Photo Credits ©Lello Ammirati Photographer Tags BEAUTY

© Photographie par Lello Ammirati

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