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The NEREIDES DE BOURBON GROUP is a French multinational corporation specialized in financial services and investment, luxury goods, entertainment,
marketing and communication.  
We manage a wide portfolio of projects and companies, creating value
across the different markets. 
We have strong foundations that enable us to to make solid business.
With a confirmed entrepreneur culture we create every day new opportunities and we move towards new horizons. 

The strength of our group lies in our international network and community.

At the NDB Group we are creators of new opportunities and we constantly push ourselves towards new and positive horizons.

Our emblem is the mermaid, the symbol par excellence of independence and individuality, awareness and insight, renewal and good luck.

We run into the future and we do it with experience, creativity and confidence.

H.R.H. Prince Nereides Antonio Giamundo de Bourbon

Chairman of NEREIDES Group

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Logo Nereides Group.png
Logo Nereides Group.png
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Logo Nereides Group.png
Logo Nereides Group.png