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Solidity and durability are the core belief ​​ of our economic development model. Our strength lies in the entrepreneurial spirit that animates all members of the Group at all levels.

We are a brave team of leaders, constantly projecting ourselves into the future by treasuring our heritage and transforming it into new experiences. We actively promote research, diversity and innovation.

Excellence, endurance and transformation are the distinguishing features of our Group's success and the unconditional values we expect to run into the future.

Our Group pursues a long-term vision that builds on the experience of our leaders and the international dimension of our network, stimulating creativity, synergies and excellence.

This model drives the success of our Group and secures its promising future.

Mr. Nereides Antonio Giamundo de Bourbon
Chairman & CEO of NEREIDES Group

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Brand Consulting

Innovation and Transformation are part of our DNA, we like to do things differently.
At NDB Group, our mindset thrives on creativity. It is our lifeblood and the foundation of our business model.
Our success is driven by an insatiable appetite for innovation and a disruptive spirit. Our clients expect the unexpected. That's why we are constantly innovating our mindset with creativity as we look to the future and honour our heritage.

Public Relations
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At NDB Group, we strive to deliver excellence from our services to our products. Our people create an unconventional reality. Our strength is clarity, integrity and ambition. We respect our customers and do not compromise when it comes to delivering quality.

Events and Prodution


Creativity and talent are the key assets of our group. At NDB Group, we recognise the contribution of the individual and the team. We continuously promote a sense of togetherness, corporate culture and provide the right tools for personal and professional development. People are our greatest asset.

Advertising Campaigns


At NDB Group, we empower our team and constantly support reasonable risk-taking. Entrepreneurship is the foundation of our spirit and we encourage research and progress. We welcome change, pioneering and ambitious opportunities. We challenge our way of thinking and push boundaries while staying true to our identity and essence.

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