What is
"Being NDB"?

With a presence in six different main sectors, our Group collaborates with international associates and partners who operate around the world.

The NDB Group allows them to share values and put into practice behaviors that makes them unique and defining the DNA that all its associates share, what they proudly call: Being NDB.

The context in which they work is constantly changing, exposing them to continuous challenges, strengthening their leadership in the industry that is vital to their future success.

They launched Being NDB with framework in mind, where they take inspiration for their work, make decisions and interact internally with their stakeholders and clients.

The core belief of Being NDB :
Empowering people because they are the fuel of the Group’s success. It consists of three other fundamental values to be inspired by: Innovation & Transformation, Excellence and Entrepreneurial Spirit.

The core belief and these three values, gives life to eight codes of conduct that describes how to bring Being NDB to life in their daily work.

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The First Value

Creativity and innovation are distinguishing elements of the NDB Group that over the years has ensured its success. This is the foundation of its Entities and associates, in which they continuously pursue innovation while remaining deeply rooted to the DNA of the NDB Group.

H.R.H. Prince Nereides Antonio Giamundo de Bourbon - Chairman and CEO of NDB Group said:

“It is absolutely not by giving customers what they ask for that we satisfy their needs and expectations, but by excelling and surprising them through our creation a tailored dream that they emotionally connect with as well... In other words, we go beyond.
We create something that the consumers can't see. A need they are not even aware they want. Something that beats their expectations and will brighten their future."


From this value, there are two codes of conduct that will keep them innovating while leveraging on their creativity:

The first one is:

Encourage and promote curiosity, diversity and collaboration so the unexpected and unfamiliar can flourish.

The implementation of innovative ideas is fundamental to those who work in the global business, where creativity is at the heart of everything they do. Being curious to stimulate positive challenges and collaboration, while being inspired by everything new and unexpected, allows them to surprise and hold the interest and attention of our clients.

The second one is:

Be a disruptor and bring unconventional ideas while always ensuring the entities’ desirability to build on their distinctive legacy.

To be creative while continuing to innovate, our team is rarely settled, always reinventing the standard models while keeping the core traditions of the group. This makes our legacy a unique force.

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The Second Value

The NDB Group never compromises on quality, because its business model leverage the global business in its most noble and accomplished form, paying meticulous attention to details and focus on perfecting it. From services down to our products, we are restless when it comes to the quest for excellence.

“Our Group has the means to really strive for excellence, for the exceptional, and for the perfection; thus, we should keep those standards at their highest at all times ”, states H.R.H. Prince Nereides Antonio Giamundo de Bourbon, Chairman & CEO of NDB Group.


The above inspired two codes of conduct that will help the team deliver excellence in everything we do:

The first one is:

Positively transforming ourselves and our teams to deliver and execute with precision while learning from our setbacks as well what makes us successful.
Excellence is achieved by focusing on obtaining results and always pursuing perfection. we've identified that the learning process matter when it comes to areas of improvement and practices.

The second one is:

Demonstrating passion and empathy for all of our clients and continuously anticipating and activating desires.

To succeed in communication, alongside visualization with internal and external clients, it is always vital to meet our expectations and to understand our present and future needs.

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The Third Value

Being NDB is based on the core belief that is entirely people-oriented: 'We believe our people make the difference!'
Our team members at NDB fuel and sustain the success of the Group and its entities through the delivery our fundamental values which 
constitute the pillars of our performance and long-term success.

The Group operates in many different contexts and complex environments, putting us on a continuous learning process which we believe contribute to our never-ending innovative growth.

H.R.H. Prince Nereides Antonio Giamundo de Bourbon - Chairman and CEO of  NDB Group said:

“We owe our successful story first and foremost to the unwavering commitment and contribution from all of our women and men who support our strategies with determination, endurance, and loyalty. At the NDB Group, people are our greatest asset.”

Our executives and managers have a crucial role, as they create an environment that allow our team members to succeed, by guiding them through a code of conduct that make them individually unique and ethical.


The core belief translates into two conducts that guide the teams daily, bringing Being NDB to life:

The first one is:

Establish a compelling vision, set ambitious professional goals, and inspire the team members to a higher performance.

The Group is a leader in six main business sectors thanks to the creativity, excellence and talent of its members who, every day, inspire to do better, determined to pursue and achieve ambitious goals with outstanding performances.

The second one is:

Recognize individual and team contributions, nurture and transmit savoir-faire.

Each one, either as an individual or as part of a team, has a direct impact on the success of the Group. Therefore, to stimulate the growth and ability of one another, the NDB Group leveraging on everyone's talent is crucial. The savoir-faire that makes the Group's entities unique is precious and can only be passed on over time for future generations. It is without a doubt the BN Group members, truly, do make a difference!

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The Fourth Value

The NDB Group has a flexible and decentralized organization that encourages efficiency and responsiveness. It stimulates individual to take initiative by entrusting each person with specific responsibilities. Their entrepreneurial spirit encourages both reasonable risk taking and perseverance. Requiring pragmatic creative thinking and an ability to motivate the teams in order to meet our goals, we allow our team members to wonder outside of the set boundaries to find new ways of achieving our ambitious objectives.

“Disrupt, Act, Risk, Establish... DARE!
This acronym resonates perfectly with the values of the NDB 
Our entrepreneurial spirit, in the context of change with new technologies, new customer needs, and new generations, turns challenges into new opportunities",
states H.R.H. Prince Nereides Antonio Giamundo de Bourbon, Chairman and CEO of NDB Group.


From this value come two additional codes of conduct that will help our team members cultivate an entrepreneurial spirit.

The first one is:

Empower others and constantly support reasonable risk taking.

Feeling directly responsible for the success of our individual companies, is a value shared by the NEREIDES Group, where teams are encouraged to always move forward and to take chances.

The second one is:

Actively embrace changes, new opportunities and innovative thought process while remaining true to the DNA of our Group.

Raising the bar, managing at the same time uncertainty and risk taking, without the fear of altering our legacy that makes us an overall stand alone distinctive company