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H.R.H. Prince Nereides Antonio Giamundo De Bourbon


A Perfectionist on Every Detail 

H.R.H.Prince Nereides Antonio Giamundo De Bourbon, founder and Chairman of French conglomerate NEREIDES DE BOURBON GROUP (NDB GROUP) and its entities, is a cultural diplomat, lawyer, fine international financial strategist, entrepreneur, investor, journalist, and artist with 15 years of professional experience in finance, diplomatic affairs, lobbying, public and private investment, infrastructure, technology, biotechnology, energies, healthcare, real estate, art, luxury goods, corporate marketing and digital communication.

He founded the NEREIDES DE BOURBON GROUP and its related entities such as NEREIDES DE BOURBON Haute Couture, NEREIDES DE BOURBON Parfum & Beauté, NEREIDES DE BOURBON Haute Joaillerie, NEREIDES DE BOURBON Management, and NEREIDES DE BOURBON Entertainment, managing 18 different divisions.


In august 2021, Prince Nereides signed a strategic partnership with Dr. Yan Lijin, Chairman of the China Silk Road Group for the implementation of international economic exchanges between China and EMEA countries. Prince Nereides supports the 'one belt one road strategy'. 

In 2021, Prince Nereides founded NDB OPERA, a social impact platform and initiative for free education programs and ethical labour migration recruitment. Prince Nereides also created a network of industries in Milan, the NDB OPERA Rete d'Impresa, with the aim to facilitate international cultural and economic exchanges with Italy. 


In the same year, Prince Nereides signed a joint venture with Mr. Alessanddro Civati, founder of Swiss-American group LutinX who developed the NDB BLOCKCHAIN platform while Mr. Civati was appointed Chief Security Officer of NDB GROUP. 


In 2022, Prince Nereides gave support to the Ukrainian government during the war and was rewarded with the Nikolai Gogol Award for His philanthropic commitment. 


In September 2022, Prince Nereides also received the Who is Who International Award 2022 from the Greek government in the category 'World Eminent Man in Global Diplomacy and Finance". Following the award ceremony in Athens, Prince Nereides announced His willingness to contribute to the flourishing of new education programs for greek people and to provide new job opportunities in Greece and abroad.  


On October 19th, 2022, Prince Nereides signed a sharholder's agreement with Mr. Thomas Ong and was appointed as new Chief Executive Officer of Biz Africa Pte. Ltd. based in Singapore. Prince Nereides and Mr. Ong announced their project to create a new 'Africa-Singapore Hawker Food Culture Center', an 'Asia Products Wholesale Center', and an 'Asian Culinary School' starting from Morocco by the spring 2023. 

Prince Nereides de Bourbon is also a noted philanthropist and the founder of the NEREIDES DE BOURBON FOUNDATION in Paris and the FASA FOUNDATION in Senegal.

Being a cultural diplomat, Prince Nereides founded the NEREIDES CLUB - INTERNATIONAL CULTURAL DIPLOMACY CORPORATION, the world's first non-governmental organization (NGO) based in Paris with the aim to facilitate international political, diplomatic, cultural and economic exchanges, to build trust, and to become a catalyst for change on a regional and global arena in international affairs from the perspective of global leaders.

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