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Chief Commercial Officer

Communicating effectively
for business

Mrs. WenYi Fan is a confirmed entepreneur with a track record of international business projects between Europe and Asia-Pacific.

She has a considerable experience in global business development strategies, product and client marketing, sales, product development and customer service.

She is also an experienced business developer for the Asia-Pacific market.

Mrs. Fan has developed a deep understanding of the digital environment and the practical application of digital strategies.

She holds a Management degree in University of Applied Sciences Western Switzerland.

She worked as Assistant of General Manager for Foxtown Outlets Center in China, specializing in business strategy, marketing and communications for Fashion & Luxury Brands., Public Relations and Specialized Press. 

Since 2009, she is a Marketing and Communication board member of Swiss Consulting Agency China Star specialized in luxury and tourism sectors.

Since 2021, Mrs. Fan oversees the commercial and sales department of NEREIDES DE BOURBON GROUP as Chief Commercial Officer.

Mrs. Fan business model combines commercial and communication competences, strong leadership ad analytical skills. 

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